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Rip Squeak, Leonard Filgate

Rip Squeak, Leonard Filgate PhotoRip Squeak, Leonard Filgate Title

The Adventures of Rip Squeak

Leonard Filgate is an artist of remarkable ability. His art training came from life experiences, his own studies of the great masters, and his diligence. Out of these adventures came the amazing world of Rip Squeak and his friends. As a child, Leonard Filgate would roam the streets of San Francisco on bicycle, spending hours in art museums and exploring Golden Gate Park observing all his eyes could absorb. He later spent five years travelling throughout Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, and the Mediterranean while serving in the United States Merchant Marine. Leonard Filgate has been refining his art for over thirty years. His work has included everything from marine painting for the United States Navy to theatrical backdrops to reprodouctions od Japanese screens, to these incredible whimsical works. The art he is creating now gives him the greatest satisfation. It may hav ebeen sparked by the childhood of his daughter, but it has continued because of his own love for the imaginary, happy world he is painting. It has long been Leonard's philosophy that art imitate the best in life, whether it be from reality or from deep within our imagination. Art should be an oasis in a chaotic world, an elixer that will bring a smile to our soul.

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