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One With

One With $ 195.00 Add To Cart
"One With" by Judy Larson
Signed Limited Edition Lithograph, Unframed
Image Size: 18 X 21.5 in.
Edition Size: 1000

One With (Canvas) $ 595.00 Add To Cart
Signed Limited Edition Canvas, Unframed
Image Size: 20 X 24 in.
Edition Size: 150

Iyuptala: Ee-yoo-PíTAH-lah. "The Native Americanís relationship with the elements, the earth and its inhabitants were viewed as "one with." He moved through nature as he did with his animals, not as an owner or as a subduer, but as an equal, a companion, a brother. Total trust existed between the Native American and his horse, with whom he was "one with." They moved together as one. They understood each other. They listened to each other. So powerful was this understanding, this respect, that the very rocks in One With speak of this relationship. Nature, the animal, and the Native American are as one unit. There is no question. The Native American and his horse belonged here, "one with" each other, with their Creator, and with His creation"

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