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Fireside Friends
Low Inventory

Fireside Friends
Low Inventory
$ 550.00 Add To Cart
"Fireside Friends" by John Weiss
Signed Limited Edition on Canvas, Unframed
Image Size: 24 X 18 in.
Edition Size: 100

Fireside Friends
Low Inventory
$ 165.00 Add To Cart
Signed Limited Edition Lithograph, Unframed
Image Size: 22 X 16.375 in.
Edition Size: 550

The dining room in a colonial bed & breakfast provided the inspiration for this latest work by John Weiss. “When you walk into a room and the fire is lit,” he says, “it’s the first thing you notice. My next thought goes to who should be enjoying this fire.” “The challenge of this painting was placing a pair of black Labrador retrievers in such a dark area. The goal was to capture the glow of the fire, so, it was necessary for everything else in the composition to be rather muted. When you look into the shadows, you discover clues about your surroundings. The softness of the light enhances the coziness and character of the historic structure. I wanted to capture how walking into this room was like walking into a novel, an escape into another world.”

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