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Weekend Captain, The

$ 390.00
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"The Weekend Captain" by Guillermo Forchino

Style #60-85543
Character Sculpture
Sculpture Size: 10 X 7.5 X 17 in.
Edition Size: Open

Fernando MenÚndez┤s grandfather was an old sea dog, a World War II Pacific Veteran, while his father, an Admiral on the Queen Elizabeth II, knew the Seven Seas like the back of his hand.

Fernando, aiming at nothing less, sold his car, pawned one of his grandmother's necklaces, and bought himself a small second-hand boat. Happy as a pig in mud, he set sail with the wind blowing in his face to conquer unknown seas. A quest he would have accomplished, had it not been for that cursed sandbank that made him run aground just three hundred meters out of port.

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