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A Confabulation of Dragons

$ Call

"A Confabulation of Dragons" by Scott Gustafson

Signed Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas, Unframed
Image Size: 26 X 19 in.
Edition Size: 75

Artist Scott Gustafson is fascinated by the English words used to describe groups of particular animals, such as, a pride of lions or a pod of whales. But there is also a wisp of snipes, a clutter of spiders and two of his favorites, a skulk of foxes and a parliament of owls.

“In that vein,” said the artist, “I wondered what a gathering of dragons might be called. Finding no name already given it seemed that a linguistic gauntlet had been thrown my way. Rifling both mind and dictionary I happened to stumble upon a wonderful word; confabulate, whose Webster definition is 1) To talk informally; to chat. 2) To replace fact with fantasy in memory.’ As Thoreau once said, ‘There was pasture enough for my imagination’ and A Confabulation of Dragons was born.”

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