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Sharing the Harvest

$ 695.00
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"Sharing the Harvest" by Z.S. Liang

Signed Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas, Unframed
Image Size: 21 X 31 in.
Edition Size: 35

During the warm weather months, women and children made forays to collect wild plant foods. Berries were a staple of the Indian diet that they ate fresh or dried for later use. Near a camp on Montana’s Little Prickly Pear Creek, women and children fill their berry bags with mid-summer sarvis berries as a shy girl shares some of the harvest with a young mounted camp escort. They have shared their attraction for each other from afar but this simple gesture has allowed them the touch of hands. These beautifully rendered and expressive hands tell the story of passing intimacy.

Inspiration often comes to those who venture beyond the confines of familiar experience. During a hiking trip with family and friends on easterly slopes near Glacier Park’s mountainous footprint, Liang encountered a patch of mountain huckleberry bushes, ripe with its sweet, dark purple fruit. Everyone delightfully filled drinking cups and eager mouths with juicy prizes, know to the Blackfeet as “weasel eyes.”

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