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Reading Lab
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$ 245.00
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"Reading Lab" by Will Bullas

Signed Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas, Unframed
Image Size: 14 X 14 in.
Edition Size: 75

Ca-nine (L. Caninus) 1: of or relating to dogs or the family (Canidea) including the canids. Sa-pi-ens: of, relating to, or being recent man (Homo sapiens) as distinguished from various fossil men.

Ca-nine sa-pi-ens (fulla bullas): of or relating to a family of highly intelligent Canidea known to exist and thrive in a particular artistís studio in the San Francisco Bay area.

In the tradition of "Nerd Dogs," Will once again visits the idea of the gifted canine sapien with "Reading Lab." Many would argue that the breed exists far and wide and is not a subset but the norm. When one delves further into the wide range of Animalia that seem to inhabit Mr. Bullasí personal Galapagos, it goes without saying that Darwin would certainly have cause to revisit his theories once again.

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